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The story about the Swedish Mannequin

The story of the suddenly world famous mannequin

This is how the photo of the Swedish mannequin went viral in social media and received more than 1 million likes on Facebook.

Media coverage of the Swedish mannequin photo

Media covering the Swedish mannequin story

The media coverage of the mannequin has been enormous. Read articles from around the world.


Mannequin photo gallery

Photo gallery of mannequins from Sweden and hopefully with your help from around the world.

Discuss Mannequins


What do you think? Are you offended? Are you happy to see “plus sized” mannequins? Discuss! Tell me your story!

Who manufactures the Swedish mannequins?

Manufacturers of “plus size” mannequins

I have found out who produces the realistic mannequin used by Åhléns. Are there other, similar manufacturers?



Contribute! What can you do? So much! Send your photo, e-mail your story, tell me about manufacturers, contact companies to let the know what you think.

Retailers opinions?

Retailers opinions

What do the clothing companies think? How do they motivate purchasing only skinny mannequins?



Rebecka will try to keep up the discussion and debate about skinny mannequins. Read the blog!

About Rebecka Silvekroon

She took the photo

Rebecka Silvekroon took the photo of the Swedish mannequins. Why and what’s the purpose of this website?