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No, I will not model naked to promote a mobile app

I was recently contacted by a photographer on behalf of a media production company who wanted to use me as a model in a commercial for a new mobile app. The mobile app is supposedly a service were you can easily donate money for a good cause, for example to The Red Cross, Cancer Foundation and similar. They offered payment of approximately USD 1500.

That sounded quite all right to begin with. I mean, of course I understand that they wanted me to model because of the media attention I’ve received, but if it’s for a good cause I wouldn’t mind to do that. So I asked some follow up questions about how it would be exposed, what the campaign concept was etc. Very soon it became obvious that they had some “bare skin” in mind, and gave the example of recent ad campaign for SEQR, a Swedish mobile payment method.

This specific campaign received media attention in Sweden because they used naked people in ads to promote their app. The tagline reads “The only thing I need is my mobile”. I remember that when I first saw these ads, I was appalled by the fact that companies still use such cheap marketing tricks in 2013.

Needless to say, I declined the offer from the photographer.


If it was for a really good cause, I would actually consider comparing my normal weight, rather thin body to the Swedish mannequins to show how stupid it is to call them “plus size”. But no, I will not model naked to promote a mobile app.

Isn’t it funny though, I’ve received attention because I want to challenge how bodies are portrayed in our public spaces and in media, yet I am asked if I want to be photographed naked for a product that has absolutely nothing to do with that. We still have a long way to go.

Male mannequins

Good evening!

I’ve had a very busy day today, finishing up an important presentation at work before the 4 day  Easter break. But now I’m home and I’ve just gone through and replied to emails and added a few more personal stories that I’ve received on the discussions page. I love that you’re contributing with your thoughts.

I was happy to see the article in The Guardian today! I also found a video from CTV News / Globe and Mail that I didn’t know about, it was aired 18th of March. Great to see that the story is shared and that so many people talk about it. I hope more people will find their way to this site so that we can try to keep the conversation going and with all our efforts perhaps we can change something together!

I was contacted by a mannequin manufacturer today who sent me some pictures to add to the gallery. And I will, if I find some extra special dolls. However this page is not about promoting companies who produce mannequins in general! What was interesting was actually the images of the very fit and buff male mannequins. Does most men in our society really look like this? :)


Images from

I am now so very tired, because I was up until 2am this morning answering emails and adding links to the media coverage page, so now I will have to stop and go to bed. But hopefully the next few days I’ll be able to add some more pics to the gallery. Have a great Thursday!


Fashion show at Åhléns and real life mannequins

Last Thursday when I went to an Åhléns customer event, they had a fashion show on the second floor. The models were girls from an upper secondary school (Frans Suell & Jörgen Kocks Gymnasium). The looked like real people do! With very cool hairdos and makeup. After the show, three of them actually posed as mannequins on the podium for a while, with information and prices about the clothes they wore beside them.

Real life mannequins – I like it!





Answered emails

Good evening!

Today I have answered a lot of emails and cleaned out the inbox from mannequin related inquiries. I had actually missed an email from a Spanish magazine who wanted to feature the mannequin story in their next issue! Now I have replied with some answers to questions. Hopefully I didn’t miss their print deadline.

The media requests have now quieted down a little, which is good because I couldn’t keep up. But hopefully this site will still continue to receive some visitors who are willing to discuss.

My project for tomorrow is answering Tweets and re-tweeting on this topic :)

Website updated and new photos of mannequins


I have now updated the Swedish Mannequin website to use a more flexible template, where it’s a lot easier to comment. So please comment on any page you like :) It’s also better structured, has some additional content and social media connections. Anyway, enough about technology and the website.

Last week, I went to Åhléns because they had a spring event for customers. It was special offers and happenings such as a fashion show. I also took the chance to talk more to the store manager Ann, and found out the name of the manufacturer. Let me know if you know if other manufacturers who produce realistic and normal-looking (“plus sized”) mannequins!

I also took a few more photos of the lovely mannequins. The one to the left in pink is so pretty! I’ve added the pictures to the photo gallery.