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rebecka-imgMy name is Rebecka, I’m 29 and I live in Sweden. I accidentally received a lot of attention from media after the photo I took of the Swedish mannequins that went viral in social media in the middle of March 2013. And I though; “I should do something useful with my 15 seconds of fame”.

And this is an attempt to do that. I created this page to keep the discussion and debate going about the unhealthy and unrealistic mannequins that evidently exist in many stores across the globe. I want to share all the images I can find of mannequins and hopefully get the attention of retailers and clothing companies.

I want to hear your stories, your thoughts and opinions. I want to talk to manufacturers of mannequins – how do they think and why do they produce dolls with absolutely crazy thin waists? I want to talk to clothing companies and ask them why they buy the skinny mannequins, it must be possible to make a choice!

If you want to talk to me, please drop me an email!

9 thoughts on “About Rebecka Silvekroon

  1. asa murnane

    There is article about you in the Local in Sweden. Its great. However, right next to the picture of you was an ad for Bad Idea T Shirts with a woman with huge boobs pouring out of a tiny t-shirt. Its totally disgusting and sexist and has nothing to do with t-shirts, just boobs. Please ask the Local to take it away or at least move it. It was literally right next to your face and is insulting.

  2. Monica Carrillo

    I am a plus size woman, have struggled with my weight. Could be due to my depression or other factors. I saw this morning on the Today Show, your article about plus size mannequins. I am so happy, it’s about time. We all deserve a chance to look beautiful. This will help so many plus size woman with their self esteem. Thank you

  3. Rebecca Stevenson

    Hi Rebecka. Just wanted to let you know I love this idea. I have to admit I was especially interested in this website for not only the topic, but the fact that you are Swedish (and we have the same name!). My great-grandparents came from Gotland Island. I have always wanted to travel to Sweden and I am happy that there is a store in Sweden trying to promote a healthier body image. Keep up the good work, beautiful lady! :)

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  5. Ashley Pomeroy

    “My name is Rebecka, I’m 29 and I live in Sweden” – and you’re a project manager at LBI, a global marketing and technology agency. It’s odd that you don’t point this out.

    “I accidentally received a lot of attention from media etc” – I think it would be more accurate to say that this whole thing was a cynical publicity campaign designed to shift some mannequins, organised by a professional marketing agency. No doubt the original picture was taken by a professional photographer and the Facebook page was designed by the in-house staff. Presumably you got some kind of bonus, well done.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Ashley,

      I just saw your comment about the mannequin story being a publicity stunt since I work at a marketing agency.

      I understand that you might think so, but it really had nothing to do with my job. The photo was indeed taken with my iPhone (in 2010, long before I worked at LBi).

      I received no bonus and have made absolutely no money what so ever on the whole thing. Well except $100 from a Canadian feminist magazine who really wanted to pay me for having the mannequin on a cover :)

      As far as I know LBi does not have Åhléns or any mannequin producer as client.

      You are of course free to believe what ever you like, but this story really happened by coincidence. After the photo spread on Facebook, I just took advantage of my own geeky knowledge to set up a website and FB page, because I like the idea of healthy looking mannequins.

      All the best,
      Rebecka Silvekroon

  6. Stephanae V. McCoy

    Hi Rebecka, I accidently came across the mannequin pictures on Pinterest as I was going to talk about body types on my new blog today. I think this is a great idea and I only wish that society would embrace the authenticity of what the mannequin represent. When I look around me I’d be hard pressed to find what we consider “perfect” people. We struggle to accept ourselves as we are because we are constantly being sold on the idea that there is something wrong with us. There really is no perfect body or person for that matter however I believe we are perfect in our imperfections. Thank you for sharing this! Great job!

  7. Susan Karlsson

    Hi Rebecka!

    Great that you shed some light over the way bodies are being portraited.

    You emphasize on thin or thick, but why hasn’t anyone brought up the height of models/mannequins??

    Always really tall ones, which doesn’t reflect back on the average woman…

    A model should represent many different body types and sizes, not just if you’re a size zero or plus size, but again, not just tall women.

    Sadly this is how clothes are being presented.

    Another thing; why are commercials 90% targeted towards women (make up, epilators, razors, clothes etc.)?

    It’s a man’s world and women are to believe that they’re never ok unless they look like that supermodel, so we better hurry up and by that mascara!

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