Let us gather photos of mannequins from around the world!

It’s about time everyone realise how skinny most of them are. Hopefully by doing this we can get the attention of retailers and companies and make them use more realistic and normal-sized mannequins in the future.

So, email me your photo and I will add it to the photo gallery – both super skinny and fuller-figured mannequins are welcome! Please write the name of the store you took the picture, in what city and country it was taken, and the date you took it. If you want, you can also include your name and link if you want that to be included when it’s published here. E-mail or link to your blog or photo below.

15 thoughts on “Contribute!

  1. Anthony

    I have been doing a study of Mannequins for some time and have this website that captures everything from Lookalikes to the wireframe and obscure from all around the world.

    I would love to collaborate with you. I think we could make a bigger impact … Anthony

    There is a lady in the USA I can introduce to you that offers full sized, normal mannequins too

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Anthony,
    That’s a great website with a lot of mannequins you have there. Are the photos taken from around the world or mostly in the UK? Would be interesting to do something together. You are welcome to e-mail if you have specific ideas on how :)

  3. Anita

    Hei. Jeg skulle ønske at klær for store størrelser faktisk ble vist av store modeller og at bildene i katalogene gjenspeilte dette. Da ser man lettere hva man kler best av de forskjellige buksevariantene. For eksempel så kan en person med store hofter og lår da se at “skinny legs” moten ikke er kledelig og at man må ha litt mer vidde rundt leggene. Likeså er jeg kjempeglad for at det finnes mannquins i butikkene som er mer normale, men kunne ønske store varianter av dem også for å vise klærne på en reell måte. Tusen takk for at du tar tak i dette emnet og skaper diskusjon. Mvh Anita

  4. Yvonne Borlaug

    Hi, I don’t know the name of the store, but it was in Swansea in Wales 3rd of March 2012 that I took this picture. Her body looks so twisted!

    - Yvonne

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  6. Michael Peters

    I saw you were asking for “not so thin” mannequins. We sell them all over Europe, but the new trens in mannequins, is mannequins as they were years back.

  7. Mabel Que

    Shanghai Mega Industry Co., Ltd is a manufacturer that specializes in producing all kinds of high quality shopwindow display mannequins, torsos and busts in China. We produce not only mannequins but also other shopwindow decoration articles, fiberglass Christmas series products and other handmade crafts in our factory; besides, we can supply different style wigs for mannequins and all kinds of hangers made of different materials to our clients with the very competitive prices. At present, our products play a leading role in the industry in China. In addition, our products have already been exported to European and American markets.

  8. Tearence Walters

    Hi, My Name is Tearence Michael Walters of EMPERIAL PROPS STUDIOS of Muncie, IN. I am a Sculptor, Prop Maker, & Exhibitor. My studio specializes in Modifying, altering, changing, & re-forming Mannequin forms by the means of Clay Sculpting. I have been doing this for several years , & attempting to move into the Love Doll & Full Figured Body reconstruction Arts. This is a great area of interest to me & hope it catches on ! Kevin Havens is a good friend of mine & I find his collection quite Nice !
    TM / EPS.

  9. Deandre

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