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I hope to be able to interview retailers and clothing companies to ask what they think about mannequins, why the buy only skinny ones (if they do) and how they think this affects us.

So far, the quotes below are from interviews made by Swedish news papers after the mannequin photo went viral (translated):


“We have the same kind of doll in all our stores”, says Ann Almqvist, store manager at Åhléns City, Malmö to Sydsvenskan. “We are the only chain in Sweden that currently have them”.

“Since several years back we have mannequins in different sizes, because all our customers are different,” says Therèse Johnsson Sundberg, deputy CIO at Åhléns, to Aftonbladet. “For us, it is quite natural, we try to reflect how it looks in society “.

Our customers look different and therefore we use mannequins in different sizes. We actually sell a lot better with these dolls, says Monica Hultgren, Communications Officer at Åhléns to DN.


“Today we do not use this model of mannequins but we do not exclude the possibility to do so in the future,” said Marie Rosenlind, press contact at H&M, to DN.
“The mannequins we use are the most common on the market, but we are reviewing our choice of mannequins and do no rule out the possibility to use other models as well”.

13 thoughts on “Retailers opinions

  1. Michael Peters

    As one of Europe biggest Mannequin suppliers, it is interesting to read the buyers’ opinion. To develop a new mannequin a rather expensive – also because that each serie of a new mannequin model, needs 3 – 4 positions.

    As a supplier, we shall always have a close feeling with the marked. The different trends keep comming back. Years ago it were the naturalistic mannequin the marked demanded, then came the stylistic and again after the moonhead mannequins. Right now the trend are the old mannequins with wooden arms, which can be positioned.

    But which mannequin gives the best sales results isn’t really the mannequin, byt the way they are used. Some weeks ago, I saw a shopping window, with a lot of customers outside, looking interested. All the shop had done, were letting the mannequins “paint” the window walls. 4 old mannequins had brush and paint bucket in a different color. There were actually no cloth in the shops window, but there were a lot of people inside the shop. It is also very much window dressing that can make a shop window attractive by using mannequins in a creative way.


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